AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft Analysis And Grade

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September 15, 2012; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans running back Le

Most Surprising Pick: Le’Veon Bell

Let’s be honest, when the Steelers were on the clock, many of us believed they were taking Eddie Lacy instead. So when the pick came in, it was a bit surprising. Bell fits the Steelers physical mold and definitely is a bruising back. He keeps pedaling through tackles and tried his absolute hardest to get to the second level. He also has a surprising quick burst of speed once he hits the hole. There are some problems with his game, however. He was actually more of an east and west runner than north and south, but the Steelers could coach him out of that. He also is a tall runner and sometimes runs too upright at times. A problem to go along with that is that he holds the ball away from his body, so that may cause some problems for him in the NFL. Bell isn’t really that great at pass blocking and has trouble blocking at times. Also his ball-carrier vision is below average. Bell is going to need to be coached up, but he does have potential to be the prototypical Steelers back.

Grade: B-

Outside of Bell, Jones, and Brown, the Steelers would have arguably had the best draft. Those 3 picks are what brought this grade down. Bell has the most potential out of all of those players, but every other pick was very good. Jarvis Jones has the talent to be an All-Pro for years to come, and Markus Wheaton could end up surprising a lot of people throughout his career. He actually reminds me a lot of Antonio Brown. The Steelers also drafted a safety for the future in Shamarko Thomas and got a steal in Vince Williams. The Steelers overall did very well in this draft, there are some boom and bust picks they made, so this draft class could end up making or breaking this team down the road.

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