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New Look Bengals Winning on and off the Field

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These are the kinds of stories that need to be herd more than that of the latest player arrest or controversy to arise. But all too often, those are the headlines, and for much of the past decade, those were the headlines made in Cincinnati. Jokes of replacing tiger stripes with prison stripes were made too often, yet were sadly deserved as the team watched player after player have their own run-in with the law.

When it wasn’t player arrests, it was Chad Ochocinco’s reality show, Carson Palmer’s trade demands, or Andre Smith’s contract holdout. Former Bengal Evan Mathis is the latest to find his way into the news for all the wrong reasons.

Now it’s stories of Adam Jones working with police to help at-risk kids, Rex Burkhead’s friendship with a cancer patient and their fight against the deadly disease, or Whitworth helping a family in need. Oh yeah, and they’ve made back-to-back playoff appearances for the first time in three decades. This is a football team winning on and off the field.

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