Bengals Banter: Dalton Hitting Green Deep More in 2013. Latest on OTAs

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The Bengals were fairly quiet during free agency once again, but during an interview on, former NFL general manager Charlie Casserly had plenty of praise for the Bengals offseason strategy of keepin and developing their own:

"Sometimes the best offseasons you have don’t come down to additions, but who do you keep? Who don’t you lose? They stayed at home and from what I can see, they did a great job keeping guys that were integral for a young team that has been to the playoffs the last couple of years."

Sean O’Donnell is a contributor for Yahoo! Sports and a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, and he believes tight end Orson Charles can be a significant contributor to the Bengals in 2013, but if he does so, it will be as an H-back:

"When the Bengals have Gresham and Eifert lined up at customary tight end positions, they can also use Charles in the backfield at the same time. This allows the implementation of the heavy jumbo package which could create mismatches all over the field. Two tight ends starting in line along with one in the backfield could create confusion for defenders if motioned out wide before the snap. This will force linebackers in coverage against these huge targets, thus giving the Bengals a tremendous advantage. If opposing defenses rely on keeping extra cornerbacks in their defense to guard against this scheme, the Bengals can simply rely on the run by using these tight ends as blockers"

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