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Clarifying the Birthday of the Cincinnati Bengals


Some confusion arose when this tweet was sent out last week regarding the birthday of the Cincinnati Bengals franchise:

The announcement of Cincinnati being granted the Bengals franchise actually came on May 24th, 1967, which was viewed as the official birthday of the Bengals by many people. However, Joe Reedy got some clarification from the Hall of Fame regarding the actual date the Bengals were born:

"Most, including the Bengals themselves, had the day as May 24, but according to a copy of the minutes from the AFL meeting in 1967, that is not the case.As the Hall explained in an email: “We have the date of May 23 as the day Cincinnati was granted a franchise. After checking the actual meeting minutes this seems to support that date as there were deliberations in the morning and afternoon and then a vote was held and the city was granted the franchise.“It is true, however, that the announcement wasn’t made until the next day. Originally, it had been planned for a press conference on May 23 at midday, but that was canceled and the announcement came the next morning, according to newspaper accounts.”"

So the Bengals didn’t know when their own birthday was…..Oh well.

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