Big Cat: Considering JaMarcus Russell

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Redemption Building   The Bengals Owner / GM, Mike “The Redeemer” Brown has a soft-spot for second-chance players, but more than in years past that will be contingent on Head Coach Marvin Lewis, recently anointed “The Builder”.  Why the current Bengals team is succeeding where others have failed is that at some point the leadership of the franchise realized was that in order to save a man, you must surround him with the saved, not other men requiring saving.  During the Bengals locker room purge of 2011, Coach Lewis kept only the reformed, the pure, and the leaders on the roster going forward as not to taint his new crop of young talent.  Since then, spirituality, ethics, and leadership have been seemingly a screening criteria to make the team, which is a huge departure to the jail-house rosters of the past decade.  By doing this, the core of the team can take on individuals who require strength in example in order to reach or resume their best.  Cases in point would be Vontaze Burfict benefiting from Adam Jones’ mentorship.  In a way that it hasn’t been witnessed more than 25 years, the Bengals locker room would be prepared to insulate and develop a player like Russell in a positive environment should he prove himself to be a vestige player that he was supposed to become.

Are these reasons enough to buy into a player with a history like Russell at a position as critical as quarterback, even if for a back-up role?  Unknown… but it does garner a second thought.