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Best of 2012: Film Study: Bengals Beat the Steelers by Executing in the Clutch

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On this play, the design was to get Green open in field goal range from jump street. Out of the bunch formation, the Bengals ran Jermaine Gresham down the seam to draw any underneath defenders away, and keep the safeties honest in the middle of the field. Andrew Hawkins ran a shallow out route, which prevented any defenders to sink back and play underneath Green. Green then ran a deep out and was isolated in a one-on-one matchup against Keenan Allen. Dalton placed the pass very nicely and Green made the easy catch.

The play design was perfect for the situation, but the best part about it was the perfect execution at the most important moment. That is what every Bengals fan hopes to see for years out of Dalton and Green.

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