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ICYMI: 2013 Bengals Game Breakdowns and Record Prediction

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Week 14: Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Another close call. Andrew Luck will certainly look to build on a strong rookie year, and he’ll do it with a team full of good chemistry. This Bengals and Colts game will be entertaining to say the least, as they use very different schemes. Perhaps the preseason finale will give us a little more to go off of? Maybe not.

The Bengals can’t afford to horse around here. With a little luck, the playoffs will be on the horizon.

Week 15: @ Pittsburgh Steelers: See top.

Week 16: Vs. Minnesota Vikings: The reason I didn’t give a clear prediction on the Colts game is simply because I didn’t have one. It’s the same case for this game. Therefore, I’m going to play the diplomat by saying the Bengals will win one of the two.

Not a fan of the new uniforms, but hey, Thor was a great move.

Week 17: Vs. Baltimore Ravens: See top.

So, looking at the predictions game-by-game, I find myself sitting at an 11-5 record. There are a few games that are difficult to guess at, especially since we haven’t see any teams in action yet. The beginning of the season will surely set more things in stone, but then again, it’s the NFL.

I’m sure we’ll encounter our fair share of surprises.