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ICYMI: NFL Draft: From Georgia Bulldogs to Cincinnati Bengals

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NFL teams don’t usually have any specific preference to a college when it comes to the Draft. Sure, the college might have an influence on whether one player is chosen over another. For example, when comparing an SEC linebacker over an ACC linebacker, it’s a bit more likely that the team will take the SEC player. That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the individuals being considered, it just means that the SEC player has faced a rougher schedule in his college career.

It’s not that the Cincinnati Bengals necessarily have a preference to a college. It might just be several coincidences in the last few years. It might just be that the coaching staff likes to bring in players that have played together at some point, under the same college scheme. Whatever the reason, Cincinnati seems to really, really like the university of Georgia.

Now, I’m a student at the University of Florida, but I have absolutely no problem with all the selections that the Bengals have spent on former Bulldogs in the drafts of recent years.

Especially when the talent we have taken from that school has impressed so much at the NFL level.

Let’s look at the last few years, and at many of the role players we have taken from the University of Georgia.