ICYMI: Jack Fights back Against Cancer, may have Finally Won


Courtesy of the Home Team Jack Foundation @ www.teamjackfoundation.org

When the Cincinnati Bengals selected Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead in the 6th-round of the 2012 NFL Draft, they drafted a great football player, and an even better man of character and compassion.

In order to get a good idea of just how great a man Burkhead is, you need only look to his friend Jack Hoffman, a seven-year-old brain cancer patient and source of inspiration for Burkhead:

Jack has valiantly fought this terrible disease that has claimed countless lives, including my grandpa. It’s touched more people in this world than nay disease known to man, but the story of Jack and Rex is a wonderful display of the power of friendship, faith, and hope.

Jack’s friendship with Rex has helped them both stay faithful in their journeys in life, whether it was Rex’s dreams of making it to the NFL, or Jack’s quest to conquer his cancer.

2 months ago, Rex’s dreams of playing in the NFL were realized, and today, it appears as though Jack has taken a big step in defeating an opponent who is sadly victorious all too often.

During a visit to the College World Series recently, Jack told the crowd that he had undergone his final chemotherapy treatment. It’s unclear if finishing the chemotherapy means the end of his health problems. The tumor is inoperable and he will have follow-up MRIs for a significant period of time, his father said.

Only time will tell if this is truly the end of Jack’s battle with cancer, but at this very moment, Jack is the one standing strong in victory.

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