Bengals Tickets: 2013’s Most and Least Expensive Games


The 2013 NFL season is drawing closer, which means it’s high time for Cincinnati Bengals fans to loom ahead to Cincy’s home games with

Once regular losers, the orange and black cats of the NFL have rebounded nicely since the days of Carson Palmer, and now own back to back playoff appearances under the guidance of young signal caller Andy Dalton.

Backed by an elite defense and an improved rushing attack, the Bengals will try to make it three straight trips to post-season play in 2013. With their average home game ticket price at just $142, Bengals fans will be getting a quality price, regardless of whether or not Cincy can keep the playoff train going in the right direction.

To better understand the value Bengals fans will be getting this year, TiqIQ breaks down Cincinnati Bengals tickets, their top three value games, as well as their top three most expensive home games of the year:

Top 3 Priced Home Games 

  • (9/22) vs. Green Bay Packers | Avg: $182 | Get-in: $63

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the Packers coming to town is a big draw. Green Bay was 15-1 just two years ago and was still a tough team to play again in 2012. It’s not the best game in terms of win probability, but Aaron Rodgers and co. coming to Cincy will at the worst show us just how good the Bengals could be early in 2013.

  • (9/16) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | Avg: $167 | Get-in: $61

The second most expensive Bengals game makes a ton of sense, as the bitter division rival Steelers come into town. This is an intensifying rivalry and fans should be getting their money’s worth early in September.

  • (10/6) vs. New England Patriots | Avg: $159 | Get-in: $51

Last, but certainly not least, ranks Tom Brady and the Patriots, who may have a lot of negative topics surrounding them during the summer, but by the regular season should once again by a tough out. New England brings a high-octane offense to town and is a relative deal, as this game on average is just $17 more expensive than the Bengals’ average home contest.

Top 3 Home Game Values

  • (10/27) vs. New York Jets | Avg: $113 | Get-in: $31 

The Jets at home; naturally this is a cheap game for the Bengals. While a potential meeting with Mark Sanchez and New York’s lethargic (or pathetic) offense may seem a bit boring, it actually should register as a mega value for Cincy fans, as their defense should be able to slap the Jets around in an easy win.

  • (11/17) vs. Cleveland Browns | Avg: $113 | Get-in: $31

A division rival comes to town in the battle of Ohio in mid-November, and this one could be a little nastier than in year’s past. The Browns are actually somewhat on the rise, and even if they can’t upset the Bengals, they should at least make things interesting with their new vertical offense.

  • (12/22) vs. Minnesota Vikings | Avg: $118 | Get-in: $34

Cincy’s third best value games comes with a home date with the Vikings, who as always are lead by the dynamic Adrian Peterson. This one is late December (back in 63, I know), but could have AD chasing down another historic 2,000+ yard rushing season. Even if that doesn’t happen to be the case, it’s still a solid battle between two 2012 playoff teams and it should have playoff implications for one or both parties involved.

The Bengals are riding off of a two-year high and have only gotten better on both sides of the ball via the draft and free agency. These six dissected home games tell Bengals fans two things right away: their hometown team is offering up some killer value in their own backyard and that Cincy just might have the goods to make it three straight runs to the playoffs in 2013.