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Cincinnati Bengals Player Preview: Dontay Moch

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Overall, Dontay Moch not only has a good chance of making this team, but he also has a decent chance of making an impact. Coming out of college, Moch was arguably the best at rushing the passer, the other player being argued was Von Miller. If Moch can come anywhere near that production, the Bengals may have found a steal.

Moch has been playing defensive end as well, but thankfully he also played that position in Nevada. He is a workout warrior with tremendous upside, but his raw ability and injuries has held him back. Zimmer is a great coach for Moch because of how well he has done with coaching defensive players up. Moch is going to be someone to watch during preseason, and could squeeze onto this roster.

He could contribute to special teams early in the season, but eventually see some playing time of defense on passing situations. Can you imagine James Harrison and Dontay Moch rushing the quarterback as well with this defensive line? That could rattle a quarterback just by the thought of it.

Dontay Moch will have to prove himself throughout this offseason, and if he does, don’t be surprised if he ends up starting some years later down the line.

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