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Opponents of Jackson being admitted into the Football Hall of Fame are considerable, and, as stated, their argument is sound. However, here are two original thoughts for consideration: first, if Bo Jackson’s stats, character and overall impact on the game of football aren’t enough to warrant him access into the Hall of Fame, then he should be the stick upon which all others whom are enshrined are measured. Second, let the defenders of the Hall of Fame take a vacation, and let Jackson become an immortal monolith to the first point.

If Jackson is destined never be admitted into the Hall of Fame, then the selection committee would should consider erecting a full-body statue of the former Pro-Bowler just outside door, perhaps in his epic image in pads with a baseball bat a hanging across his shoulders, as a quiet protectorate to the veracity of the Hall. The double metaphor being that in order to enter into the hallowed halls you must be compared to the legacy of Bo Jackson, and further, the idea that a man of unflinching character like Jackson should stand on faithful watch in the elements to uphold the integrity of the Hall of Fame is so appropriate that it’s hard to imagine a more fitting honor to a player who gave so much to the game.

It’s something to contemplate, especially when next year’s voting comes around, and the committee is deciding on who should be allowed in.
At that point, at least one person would Know…