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Stacking up A.J. Green’s Numbers vs. the Greatest of All-Time

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To answer the questions, let’s first take a look at three of the greatest receivers I have ever witnessed play the game in Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss and Jerry Rice. In Marvin Harrison’s 13 years in the NFL, he played in 190 games, snatched 1,102 receptions for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns while averaging 13.2 yards per play, 76.7 yards per game and scoring 1.4 touchdowns per game. Amazing to say the least.

The great Randy Moss played for 14 years, Grabbing 962 receptions for 15,292 yards while averaging 15.6 yards per play, 70.1 yards per game and scored 1.3 touchdowns every outing.

The one and only Jerry Rice Played for an unbelievable 20 years in the NFL. In 303 games, he caught 1,549 balls for 22,895 yards while averaging 14.8 yards per play, 75.6 yards per game and scoring 1.5 touchdowns per game.

Now lets see how AJ Green is looking on averages and Consistency in his short career at this point. Mr Green has played two full seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. In 31 games he has leaped over defenders for 162 receptions, bringing in 2,407 yards while averaging a 14.9 yards per play. He’s averaged 77.6 yards per game and 1.7 touchdowns every contest. That’s absolutely hall-of-fame potential. 

So what have we learned today? Green’s career averages at this point are right in line with three of the greatest receivers to ever play football, topping them in yards per game & touchdowns.

So lets talk realistically Bengals Nation. We can’t predict the future, nor predict possible injuries that could throw Green off the hunt for greatness.

But one can not dispute these facts:

• The Bengals May Never win a Super Bowl

• The Bengals May never Win or Lose again

• The Bengals may disassociate themselves with the city of Cincinnati and move to another state

But for the past seasons, Cincinnati, Bengals Nation, and the whole world witnessed the greatest receiver to ever step on the field in Cincinnati. 

The greatest receiver to ever wear stripes.

And as Coach Lewis would say, “We may not always have the best play, but we have the next play.”