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Cincinnati Bengals Player Preview: A.J. Green

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Green is the Bengals #1 receiver and will remain so. He doesn’t have blazing speed or elite athleticism, but his hands, route running ability and body control are all elite. Green went to Georgia and was mainly a vertical threat receiver. However, Green put in a lot hard work in at Georgia and became a very good route runner. He is incredibly smooth and fluid in his routes.

Green catches the ball with his hands and not his body which is what you want from your receiver. His hands are strong enough that if it’s in his zip code he will catch it. His route running and hands are great, but his body control is his best attribute. He can control his body as well as anyone I can remember watching. If the ball is near him he can turn his body and twist to make it while still getting both of his feet in bounds.

Looking to the future, Green is set to be one of the top receivers in the NFL for the next 5-10 years. He is already one of the best and he still has room in his game to grow. He could use a little more muscle put on and work on his blocking. Both of those things however, are things that can come with age. Green isn’t afraid to block and he is a willing blocker, he could just use some refinement on his technique. If the Bengals can get a consistent #2 WR and Dalton can start throwing a better deep ball, then Green could put up ridiculous numbers in the seasons to come. He put up fantastic numbers in 2012 with a revolving door of receivers opposite him.

The future is bright for AJ Green and the Bengals, that much is for sure.

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