Busting Out

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In today’s hyper-paced, attention deficit NFL fan base, it’s pretty easy to lose perspective.  Indeed, fans increasing congregate around blog-spheres, online ticker boards, and the twitter-verse during Sunday’s games rather than around a pint at the local sports bar.  This detrimentally leads itself towards a constantly surging mindset that seems to keep us commenting on the here-and-now in order to blissfully maintain our positions atop and gracefully ride the ever trending new wave.  The thing about the time-honored ritual of sharing a drink with a friend as opposed to several hundred virtual ones is that your arguments must wet more than the ankles.  Submersion in your point becomes the goal of actual conversation, and as we follow the thin red line of our own thought process, we are often forced to question some of our own assumptive points.

Jul 25, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher (11) runs a play during training camp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

As Bengals training camp moves forward under the auspice of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the strange lingering scent of the 2013 NFL Draft continues to entice the orange collective.  Even though undrafted free agent Vontaze Burfict provided as much or more of a contribution to last year’s team as first rounders Kevin Zeitler and Dre Kirkpatrick, there was almost no talk or hype about this year’s host of undrafted Bengals walk-ons until this past Thursday’s Preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons.  As a result, headlines for the past several days have been rightly centered on Bear’s cast-off wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher and former Bearcat linebacker JK Schaffer after both had remarkable showings in that game.

Despite weeks of discussion, minimal reporting has been neither been heard nor demonstrated from mid-to-late round picks Sean Porter, Cobi Hamilton, TJ Johnson, Reid Fragel, and most notably absent, Shawn Williams.  While anticipation of this season may have been fever pitched, Bengals fans may have developed an unhealthy, favoritist attachment to their draft class as a bi-product.