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Cincinnati Bengals: The Good, the Bad, and the Noticed

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In watching the Cincinnati Bengals latest preseason game vs. the Tenseness Titans, these are the things that stood out the most:

The Good

Giovanni Bernard – I love this guy’s speed, quickness and hands. He had a nice catch coming out of the backfield, which he took for 22 yards. Bernard will add a dynamic this offense has not had since Chris Perry’s one healthy season.

Mohamed Sanu – Great touchdown catch on a perfectly thrown ball by Dalton and a nice catch over the middle followed with 2 big-time stiff arms that helped pave the way for a 24-yard gain.

Dalton had a picture perfect fade to the back of the end zone for a TD to Sanu. This is very good to see, as this is a throw Dalton has seemed to struggle with in the pass. With AJ, Gresham and Eifert, this can be a huge staple in the Bengals goal-line offense.

Mike Nugent – Great on kickoffs. Hits the chippies on field goal duties. Should continue to be primary kicker as long as he can stay healthy.

Brandon Tate – Rarely will you hear this said, but Tate actually had a nice game. He had a nice 20-yard kick-return, and also had a good game as a true receiver with some nice receptions on the night.

YAC – Yards-after-catch are big in the NFL, and the Bengals got some nice YAC on Saturday night from Gio, Sanu, Tate and Hamilton.

Eifert Sighting – Nice to see the rookie in week 2. He looked good with 3 catches for 32 yards.

John Skelton – Skelton looked good. I still think the job is Johnson’s to lose, but the competition is good for both.

Fitzpatrick’s Beard – I know he plays for the Titans, but he is an ex-Bengal, and anytime a man sports a beard that awesome, it has to be recognized. It looked like a mix of lumberjack and homelessness all grown into one chin-strap defying display of face lettuce!

Shawn Williams – Williams took advantage of the opportunity with Iloka out. It seemed like every time I looked up Williams was in on the play…and the stat sheet agreed with me – leading the teams with 11 tackles.

Jayson DiManche – Speaking of guys that seemed to be everywhere, the rookie from Southern Illinois is having a great preseason and making a case for the 53 man roster. 2nd on the team with 8 tackles this preseason and 1 sack.

J.K. Schaffer – Another rookie LB (technically) that is making cut down day at the LB position very interesting. The undersized LB from UC is 4th on the team in tackles, and like DiManche and Williams, seems to always be around the ball.

Ryan Whalen – He only had 1 catch, but what a diving catch! I love Whalen’s reliability and special teams contributions, and therefore think he will be a tough cut.

Cobi Hamilton – A guy Whalen may be fighting with for the last WR position, Hamilton, had a nice catch and run after the catch.