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Bengals continue to take necessary steps to greatness during preseason

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The Cincinnati Bengals are beginning to catch the national attention of every major media-outlet and credible football mind there is, yet they continue to stay focused on the task at hand and make the necessary improvement they need to in order to become the Super Bowl-contender everyone expects them to become.

Aug 17, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard (25) runs the ball in the first quarter of a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

They played their second preseason game of the 2013 season, hosting the AFC South Tennessee Titans Saturday night at Paul Brown Stadium.  Looking deep into a preseason game is enough to make anyone’s head hurt.  This is because preseason doesn’t count, or does it?  What are the stats that really matter, and who is making progress?  There is an awful lot to evaluate for a game that from a record standpoint is seemingly meaningless. 

Kickoff of the first home game of the 2013 season went well and the Titans wasted no time displaying their dink and dunk offense.  The Titans seemed content with a nice mix of runs and passes and were just fine with moving the ball slowly but surely down the field.  As displayed in the first preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Bengals also showed their “bend but don’t break” mentality, holding the Titans to a Rob Bironas field goal.

Now, out comes the offense, led by Andy Dalton, who was looking to improve on his first game against Atlanta came out strong completing an out route to second year receiver Marvin Jones, for a first down.  Two plays later, Dalton was hit, stripped, and now it is Titans ball just outside the red zone. Things are not looking good for the Bengals first string offense at this point and they will have to play better.