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Bengals continue to take necessary steps to greatness during preseason

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Other notable takeaways include the play of rookie safety Shawn Williams who seemed to be in just about every tackle and even ran down the speedy Chris Johnson of the Titans along the sideline.  Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham blocked extremely well against the Tennessee Titans and has shown what he can bring to the table.

All in all the Cincinnati Bengals took the next step in the 2013 NFL season.  The offense made corrections, played much better, and seem to be progressing nicely.  The Defense, well, looks like they are going to give up a huge play, buckle down, and get the three and out they need. For them to hold the Titans’ starters to just three points, despite missing their two best pass-rushers in Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson, is a testament to the depth and the “never-say-die” mentality of this team.  

Overall, the Bengals played an injury free game which is the most important stat of any preseason game.

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