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Cincinnati Bengals Player Preview and Interview with Jordan Campbell

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SH: What do you think is your best attribute as a linebacker?

"Campbell: I play with a lot of hear and hustle. I play from sideline-to-sideline and am very athletic. I need to hit the weight room and improve my strength. I’ve also got to continue to dive into the playbook and get used to it. That will allow me to play fast and use my athleticism."

SH: You’ve played numerous positions throughout your career, what was your favorite?

"Campbell: My favorite spot has been weakside linebacker. That’s what I played my freshman year at USC, and that’s the position I’ve enjoyed playing the most."

SH: How do you like working with Mike Zimmer?

"Campbell: He’s a great defensive coordinator, and his resume speaks for itself. He runs a great system, and it reflects in the style of play the Bengals play with every year. He’s really big on attention to detail, and he makes sure everyone knows their assignment thoroughly, so that we can win games."

Jordan Campbell will have a tough climb to make it onto the Bengals final 53 man roster, but even if he doesn’t make it there, he easily could see himself onto the practice squad. Mike Zimmer will have to coach up Campbell, but Campbell may end up starting on the Bengals defense within the next few years if he continues to work on his techniques and play reading ability. He has talent, but he also has work ethic. Jordan Campbell is going to be a player to watch during preseason.

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