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What loss of Emmanuel Lamur means to Bengals defense

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At 6’4″, 240 pounds, Lamur is built how you want good coverage NFL linebackers to be built. But he lacks the bulk to be an every-down linebacker, and his tackling ability, especially against running backs, leaves the Bengals defense susceptible to big gains on the ground when he’s in. But in today’s league with tight ends who look more like Pro Bowl-caliber receivers, along with quarterbacks throwing 40+ pass attempts per game, Lamur’s skillset is exactly what the modern NFL LB is trending towards.

Still, Lamur made it a point this offseason to bulk up and be a better tackler, allowing him to become a complete NFL linebacker:

"I’ve put on 12 pounds and I feel faster and stronger. That’s going to help me when I’m taking on and shedding blocks and it should help my blitzing ability. Last year I used my speed, which was my bread and butter, to play the game. But it takes more than that to play linebacker in this league.  You have to be able to take on blocks and be physical.  I had to gain weight and 12 pounds is going to help me a lot and I’m planning on gaining another five."

His coaches echoed those same sentiments:

"“He realized that if he wants to be an every down player he has to be able to hit with some of the bigger players,” said linebackers coach Paul Guenther. “That’s what he concentrated on this off-season.  He did exactly what we asked him to do and he’s in great shape.”"

Alas, his season appears over, and the Bengals must find away to move on without him while remaining one of the NFL’s best defenses.

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