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ICYMI: Bengals Player Preview: Free Safety Reggie Nelson

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Nelson tied for the team lead in interceptions last year and ranked third in tackles while missing two games. Not only that, but in 2011 he also led the team in interceptions and interception yards. While becoming more comfortable with playing under Mike Zimmer, it seems that Reggie Nelson is reaching his potential that many Jacksonville Jaguars fans were hoping he would reach while being there.

According to Pro Football Focus’ rankings, Nelson actually ranked 4th-overall with safeties. Not only that, but Nelson showed that he could play both as a deep safety but also come up in the box and make quick, hard tackles to stop the play. There were also a few times where Nelson was brought in as a blitzer to hurry the quarterback into making an erratic throw.

While he may be the most underrated player on this team, one can’t look by how clutch he was during the 2012 season. Without his clutch plays, this team probably doesn’t make the postseason for the second year in a row. In the Dallas game, there were numerous dropped interceptions that would have turned that game around, however, Reggie Nelson was the only one to come up with an interception. Before the Dallas game, was a much bigger one that helped set the tone to the AFC playoff picture.

The Bengals were playing a tough game against the San Diego Chargers. With the Chargers were only 17 yards away from tying the game, Reggie Nelson intercepted a pass that was intended for Malcolm Floyd, giving the Bengals another AFC victory.