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NFL Preview: AFC East

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Reasons to be Cautious:

Everything Else – Is there a bigger circus around? Honestly, it is like the Ringling Brothers without the animals and clowns. If the Ringling Brothers started a football team, they would wear Jets jerseys…and may have just as good of a chance to compete. Rex Ryan is an entertaining, but is a caricature and a terrible head coach. Mark Sanchez was always a poor QB with confidence.

Now, he is a poor QB with no confidence and a dirty moustache. Geno Smith was a terrible pick and is a QB that will set a franchise back. Santonio Holmes is not a #1 WR and has a bad attitude on top of that. The defense may be aggressive enough to keep them from being blown out, but Milliner and Landry will not fill the holes left in the offseason.


This is a really bad team that has no leadership, no management, no ability to deal with adversity and works in the biggest market in the world. Good luck. If it weren’t for the AFC being so bad this year as a whole, I would struggle to give this team more than 2 wins. I will be shocked if Rex Ryan ends the year with the Jets. He and his Sanchez tattoo are likely to be in a TV studio next year, not on a sideline.