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NFL: Gameday Power Rankings

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21.   Detroit Lions:  Megatron (Calvin Jonson) and Matthew Stafford are about the highlights of the Lions.  Rough year last year, and now free of distractions from Titus Young, and the addition of Reggie Bush will help the Lions.  However, this team just needs to learn how to win and do it consistently.  They might even be a victim of a tough NFC.  MVP:  Calvin Johnson

22.   Philadelphia Eagles:  Chip Kelly offense, Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, enough said, right?  Huge injuries including one to starting receiver Jeremy Maclin and a suspect defense really raise too many questions for this former NFC East power.  The Eagles very well may start quickly, but will have to score enough points to make up for a defense that is quite frankly not that good.  MVP:  LeSean McCoy.

23.   Carolina Panthers:  Carolina is just an up and down team with inconsistent play on both sides of the ball.  Cam Newton really needs to show his leadership abilities going into his 3rd season as a starter.  Steve Smith should have another solid season and 2nd year linebacker Luke Kuechly looks like he is the real deal.  The NFC South is a powerful division and the Panthers need to play flawlessly to keep up.  MVP:  Luke Kuechly

24.   Arizona Cardinals:  Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, and a pretty solid defense still won’t be enough for the Cardinals to escape the cellar of the NFC West.  If this team were in any other division they would be second or third at worst.  Due to the strength of the division and potential fragility of Palmer, this just won’t be the Cardinals year.  MVP:  Patrick Peterson

25.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  A solid secondary will go a long way for the Bucs, but Josh Freeman might hold them back.  Tampa Bay is a decent team, but the NFC South is just as good as good gets.  If Freeman can play consistently and keep them in games, Tampa could surprise a lot of people.  MVP:  Darrelle Revis

26.   Cleveland Browns:  This team has made a lot of improvements to its defense and Cleveland really looks good in a lot of areas.  Brandon Weeden played better than advertised during the preseason, but lack of depth at wide receiver and an owner who is in the middle of an investigation leaves the Browns in last place in the AFC North.  MVP:  Trent Richardson

27.   San Diego Chargers:  The Chargers scream “we are rebuilding” and injuries are certainly not helping.  It is all on the shoulders of Philip Rivers and the offense, and that just might be too much for the veteran quarterback and new coach Mike McCoy.  MVP:  Antonio Gates

28.   Tennessee Titans:  Jake Locker and the Titans offense has looked anemic this preseason and in a division of Houston and Indianapolis, the Titans fall behind in the shadows of the AFC South.  If this team can come together, then a finish somewhere in the top half of this list is very possible.  MVP:  Chris Johnson