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2013 NFL Preview: AFC South

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Reasons to be Cautious:

Matt Schaub – Hard to believe that a QB who threw for 4,008 yards in 2012 is “average,” but that is exactly what Schaub is. Over 80 games as a starter, Schaub has 114 TDS and 70 INTs, a ratings of 91.9 and has only gone over 24 TDs once. As a starter, he averages about 20 TDs and 11 INTs per year…which is an average QB. Health is also an issue with Schaub – he has missed 16 games in his 6 years as a starter – played 16 only 3 of the 6 yrs.

Age – Age is not a concern for the entire team, but it is for 3 of their biggest offensive pieces who will all be 31+ by mid-season – Andre Johnson (32), Schaub (32) and Daniels (31).


The Texans are a very solid and well-balanced team. A very good defense, a very good offense, but something about them just gives me pause. I still believe the Texans are the class of this division and should with the AFC South comfortably, but I don’t see them making much noise in the playoffs.