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2013 NFL Preview: AFC South

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Reasons to be Cautious:

Jake Locker – 10 TDs and 11 INTs, and a 56.4% completion is not good. Locker is getting the starters job because he offers more the possibility of a long term solution (Fitzy is a better option for 2013). Locker is playing for his starting life in 2013 and if the Titans come to the conclusion he is not their long term QB, they won’t hesitate to insert Fitzy.

Chris Johnson’ Contract – We have to bring it up because since he signed his $53.5 million contract just before the 2011 season opener, CJ’s numbers have been down. However, like I said before, I don’t blame CJ. Yes, the beginning of 2011 was on him because he wasn’t in shape due to his holdout, but he has been running behind a terrible line (and had decent success).

Defense – This defense is concerning to me, and should be a concern to Titans fans. 27th overall, 26th against the pass, 24th against the rush, and 32nd in ppg (29.4)! Worse yet, the only thing they did to address the defense is picking up Bernard Pollard. His swagger will bring some improvement, but not enough. The best thing this defense can hope for is for the offense to establish the running game and control the clock. The less this defense is on the field, the better.

Shonn Greene – Greene will likely take some carries away from CJ, especially some TDs. But, Greene is a bum. Any time they insert Greene, even if it is for a 1 yard dive, this offense becomes less explosive, less dynamic, and they run the risk of frustrating their best player (CJ). The Titans shouldn’t have signed him. But, since they did, they would be best served to only use him to give CJ a breather or replace CJ in the situation of an injury.


The Titans are good enough to surprise teams and make a run at a wildcard in a weak AFC, but inexperienced and inconsistent enough to finish last and severely disappoint. I believe they will be somewhere in the middle.