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2013 NFL Preview: NFC South

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Reasons to be Cautious:

Greg Schiano – I was not a huge fan of the hire in 2012 and am still a little iffy on it. Until he proves otherwise, I have him as a negative for this team.

The Drafting of Mike Glennon – What was the point? This team needed help on the defense more than another QB.

2012 Pass Defense – Rarely do you see a team 1st in one defensive category (rushing) and dead last in the other (passing), but that is exactly what the Bucs were in 2012. However, they get Adrian Clayborn back from a knee injury at RDE (7.5 sacks in 2011), and they added Revis and Goldson. This unit is unproven, hence why they are in this category, but on paper, they look like they could be good.

They Play in the NFC South – Any other division and I may pick this team as a wild card. I just don’t see them beating out the Falcons and Saints (but I wouldn’t be one bit shocked if they did).


High on talent, low on history of success. Originally I had them at 6-10 and 4th place in this division until I realized Josh Freeman threw for 27 TDs last year. That surprised me and cleared up one of my initial concerns. The more and more I look at this team, the more and more I like them. The biggest thing going against this team is the division the play in.