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2013 NFL Preview: NFC East

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Reasons to be Cautious:

They are the Giants – Is there any team in the NFL more unpredictable than the Giants since Coughlin took over? It seems every year they go through a 4 game stretch where they look like the best team in the NFL and follow it up with a 4 game stretch where they look like the worst team in NFL. This inconsistency cost them the playoffs in 2012 and has cost them a top seed in the playoffs when they have gone.

Defense – Other than JPP, I don’t see any play-makers on this defense. In a division with Romo, Bryant, RG3, Vick, etc, that could be a recipe for trouble.


This team does not impress me, but they didn’t impress me either  year they won the Super Bowl either. The fact remains, Coughlin and Eli have more Super Bowl rings (2) than the rest of the coaches and QBs in the NFC East have playoff wins with their current team (0 playoff wins for coaches; 1 playoff win for Romo). Advantage Coughlin, Eli and the Giants.