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2013 NFL Preview: NFC East

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Dallas Cowboys

2012 Record: 8-8; 3rd Place

2013 Prediction: 10-6

Confidence in Pick: 25%

Losses: Dan Connor

Pickups: Rob Ryan, Travis Frederick

Reasons for Optimism:

Offensive Talent – If talent won games, the Cowboys wouldn’t have any offensive problems. They have talent. Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Jason Witten could be the most dangerous trio in the NFL; DeMarco Murray is a decent RB; and Romo is the type of dual threat QB that makes all of his weapons even more dangerous. The Cowboys issue during Romo’s tenure is not putting up big numbers, it is getting those numbers to result in wins.

Tony Romo – Romo takes a lot of heat, and a lot of it is well deserved. However, I think Romo is a very good QB and believe a lot of his issues are a result of the terrible offensive schemes he has played in. Any offensive playbook that has left out the pages containing the run plays is not going to help a QB. I have a tough time thinking a team can’t win with a QB who throws for 4,900 yards, 28 TDs. However, it would behoove Dallas, and Romo, for the coaches to call a run play every now and again.

Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware – The best way to make a defense look better than they are is to put pressure on the QB. Spencer and Ware can do that. In 2012, they accounted for 22.5 sacks (Ware 11.5; Spencer 11.0). The problem is the rest of the Cowboys only accounted for 11.5 sacks for the entire season.