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Bengals show only they can beat themselves vs many NFL teams

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Of course, Cutler had his own plans following that drive. A few key passes set up a run into the end zone by Matt Forte, making the score 21-17.

A few possessions later, the Bengals got a gift, and then gave it back. Vontaze Burfict intercepted a pass over the middle of the field and gave the Bengals great field position. However, when attempting to make a move on a defender, Mohamed Sanu fumbled the ball, and a Chicago defender fell on top of it.

That set up a long touchdown drive by the Bears, giving them the lead.

By this time, early timeouts, penalties, and a variety of mental mistakes looked to be coming back to haunt the Bengals. The Bears forced a quick three-and-out and didn’t give the ball up again, running out the clock, as a personal foul by Maualuga ended the game.

The Bears might have won the game, but the Bengals definitely lost it. It was a game they clearly should have won against a quality opponent, despite an ungodly amount of mistakes. If nothing else, yesterday showed that the Bengals are a great team when they’re at their best, and as long as they can avoid beating themselves in the future, they’re better than most of the teams on their schedule.

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