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Bengals Offense Film Study: Flashes of Firepower

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The Bears Try to Box up the Bengals

Early in the game, the Bears were playing to dare Andy Dalton to make the deep and difficult intermediate throws. The Charles Tillman interception in the first quarter is a perfect example.

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman jumped in front of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green to intercept Andy Dalton at Soldier Field.

Even with a Cover 3 look, Tillman and Tim Jennings barely give up any ground at all, playing very close to the line considering the single-high safety formation. As soon as A.J. Green broke in on a slant route, Tillman crashed down to box out Green, beating him to the spot and grabbing the interception.

Tillman made a giant gamble, but it paid off. Soon after, Sanu received the same treatment from linebacker James Anderson.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohammed Sanu can’t reel in an Andy Dalton pass against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field

The Bears, this time, lined up in the regular Tampa 2, with two safeties high and the cornerbacks playing the flats. Truthfully, with that look, Dalton should have thrown to Jermaine Gresham, whose corner route in the high-low combination was a perfect Cover 2 beater. But that’s nit-picking.

Sanu lined up in the slot, with Tyler Eifert lined up on the outside, an interesting look shown throughout the day. Sanu ran the comeback route, and Anderson crashed down hard. Sanu then realized he was short of the marker on a third down, so he drifted backwards.

That lost the little leverage he had against Anderson in the first place. Cincinnati was lucky the ball wasn’t intercepted again, or else Sanu would have even more to think about this week.