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Bengals Offense Film Study: Flashes of Firepower

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On Green’s second touchdown, as much credit belongs to Dalton as it does for the way Green turnstiled Jennings in coverage.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green beats Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings to score a touchdown at Soldier Field

This play, the Bears were in Cover 2, and the Bengals dialed up one of Peyton Manning’s favorites, four verticals. This puts lots of pressure on the two-high safeties, who are often tempted to pick their poison instead of maintaining an equal distance between the receivers on either side of them.

Dalton, however, made the temptation even greater.

At the snap, Dalton looked to Giovani Bernard, running the underneath safety valve route, and pump faked to Bernard. That caused a slight hesitation by the safety, and that was all Dalton needed to throw a beautiful ball to a streaking Green.

Many other factors did go into the offense’s performance.  Anthony Collins and the offensive line shut down a powerful Bears pass rush, and Gresham was running through the defense like a bull in a china shop. Overall, it wasn’t masterful, but the potential is there.

Now the Bengals just need to continue building on a strong showing.