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Roundtable: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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Ty Mercurio

I am going with the Bengals on this one. The inability to block as a total unit against an average Tennessee pass rush will prove to be the down fall for the Steelers this week. I am also confident that our offense will be productive against them.

Matt Guise

I think Bengals should come away with the win in this one. Steelers lack of offense and key injuries leaves a few holes on both sides of the ball. Cincinnati’s defensive line should kick into gear and have a field day against this O-Line. Two tight end sets will create mismatches across the middle and AJ Green could be in for another big day against this secondary. The Steelers still have something on defense but not enough to slow down this young offense and chasing the game early will force the Steelers into turnovers ultimately ending it as a contest.

My final score prediction is 34-17 to the Bengals.

Scott Wabnitz

The Steelers are hurting with injuries, but ultimately its a rivalry game. They’ll be pumped for the game and keep it relatively close. The Bengals have a tendency to play down to their opponent, and I would expect to see some of that on Monday night. Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap should be able to harass Big Ben all night long, but if the offense continues with the fumbles and miscues they won’t be able to blow the Steelers away, which based on the Steelers current roster they should.

Bengals 20, Steelers 13