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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Week 2

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The Ugly


At least they are consistent – 8 penalties for 84 yards in week 1 and 9 penalties for 84 yards in week 2. While they are not the only team with big expectations and penalty problems (SF, Sea and Den all have more), giving away nearly a football field a week in free offense is not a good recipe for success.


I have never seen a team seem more ill-prepared for big games than Marvin Lewis coached teams. Monday night was a perfect example. While the defense came out of the gate ok, the offense and special teams were very lucky to be wearing the black pants! Dalton looked like Ricky Vaughn, special teams looked like the special teams of Al Roberts, and the Bengals couldn’t keep from being drawn offsides from their own hard counts…twice!

End of Half Execution

Is there a coach that mismanages the end of the half worse than Marvin Lewis? Or gives up more points at the end of the half than a Lewis coached team? With 5:13 left in the half, the ball on their own 20 and the Bengals holding a 7 point lead, the Bengals managed to take just 1:00 off the clock before punting the ball back to the Steelers for a short field. Of course, the Bengals pull back into a soft defense and allow the Steelers to march down the field 67 yards in just 2:19 seconds for the tying TD.

Because of the speedy TD, the Bengals got the ball back on their own 20 with 1:54 left and 3 TO, and plenty of time to get into FG position, right?

Wrong. The Bengals appeared to not know if they wanted to go for point or kill the clock. By the time they decided to make a run at points, they ran out of time outs and time at the Steeler 43 yard line – just out of FG range, leaving the only option to be a hail mary. The end of the half mismanagement of the game seems like a weekly staple for a Lewis team and is now 2 times in 2 weeks in 2013.

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