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Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 3

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Things got a little ugly starting in the second half as a Jermaine Gresham fumble led to a turnover, giving the Packers an opportunity to take the lead.

The ensuing Packer drive would set up a monstrous 41-yard touchdown run by Eddie Lacy, giving his team a 17-14 lead over the Bengals in the third quarter.

The Bengals would bounce right back, marching all the way down to the Packer 12-yard line where they faced a 4th down and 3 situation.

The smart choice would probably have been taking the easy field goal to tie the score at 17. But Green-Ellis told his team in the huddle, “This is a video game, and in video games, you always go for it on 4th down.” The Bengals would convert, giving them a great opportunity to take a fourth-quarter lead.

It would be Green-Ellis again bulldozing his way into the end zone to make the score 21-17 with about 3:30 left to play in the game.