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What to Look For: Bengals vs Packers – Week 3

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When the Packers Throw the Ball:
The Bengals should be able to shut down the Packers running attack and make the Packers one-dimensional…not necessarily a win against a guy like Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is averaging 400+ yards per game (leads NFL), 3.5 TD/g and a 127 rating.

The Bengals have a good defense, but so do the 49ers and Rodgers lit them up for 333 yards and 3 TDs. Don’t expect the Bengals to stop Rodgers, the key will be slowing him down enough – a tough task for a secondary riddled with injuries (Kirkpatrick, Jones, Ghee) and needed to stop 3 top-tier WRs (Nelson, Cobb and Jones) and a top TE (Finley). Key to slowing this passing attack will be tackling – a fundamental football skill but not an easy thing to do against the Packers. In week 2 Rodgers threw for 480 yards – 295 of which were YAC.

Sep 15, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback

Aaron Rodgers

(12) throws a pass during warmups prior to the game against the Washington Redskins at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Rodgers will complete the pass, the key will be can the Bengals get the receiver on the ground after the catch. Sunday the Bengals really will be looking at the DL for stopping Rodgers. The best way to stop Rodgers is not with secondary play, it is with getting him on the ground and knocking the ball out of his hands. If the DL can get to Rodgers, the Bengals have a good chance. If they can’t, they better be able to match the Packers point for point or it could get ugly quick.

*Quick Note: The Bengals have the longest active streak without allowing a 300 yard passer (16 games) – that streak will be challenged (and likely broken with Rodgers coming to town). BTW the answer to that trivia question….Ryan Tannehill – week 2 of 2012.

Advantage: Packers