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What to Look For: Bengals vs Packers – Week 3

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When the Bengals Run the Ball:
GB does not have a particularly stout run defense. The Packers are 16th against the rush after facing the T-17th (SF) and 19th (Wash) ranked rushing attacks. While the Bengals come in with just the T-17th rushing attack, they feature something the 49ers or Redskins did not, a good 1-2 punch. BJGE and Giovani Bernard are a perfect complement of power (BJGE) and finesse (Bernard).

Look for both to have big games running the ball and look for Bernard to take advantage in the passing game. The Bengals will use the running game to keep the Packers defense honest and to keep the ball away from Rodgers. The more they can control the ball, the better chance they have to win.
Advantage: Bengals

When the Bengals Throw the Ball:
The Packers have faced two teams whose QBs are known more for running than throwing, and whose top WRs are Anquan Boldin and Pierre Garcon and the Packers pass defense is still ranked 30th. Now they get a guy by the name of AJ Green and the 14th ranked passing attack despite facing two top defenses (Chicago and Pittsburgh). How bad is the GB pass defense?

Colin Kaepernick averages 217 yards passing per game against teams not named the Packers and 336.5 ypg against teams named the Packers – so Dalton should be able to move the ball through the air. The 2 TE sets, along with Green, should cause issues for the Packers and the Bengals OL should be able to keep Dalton clean. As long as Dalton protects the ball, he should be able to have a big day and have a chance to hang with the NFL’s best QB.
Advantage: Bengals