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6. Super Bowl or bust for Packers?


I don’t really prescribe to the “Super Bowl or bust” mentality. It’s good to have expectations each season, but sometimes fans have such high and unrealistic expectations that anything short of a Super Bowl victory seems like a let down. In my opinion, as long as your team is enjoyable to watch on Sunday and they remain competitive, you have to be happy.


With the Packers high-powered offense and improved defense this year, the expectation is that they will be a playoff team and will compete for the division title. Anything beyond that is pure speculation.


7. Prediction for Sunday’s game.


The Bengals will definitely challenge the Packers. They match up well against Green Bay. Their defensive line will be a lot for the Packers offensive line to handle, and I have concerns about how well the Packers secondary will defend A.J. Green and the Cincinnati tight ends.

I think the Packers make just a few more plays than the Bengals and just barely make it out of Cincinnati with a victory.


Green Bay 28, Cincinnati 27

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