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Roundtable: What to do with Adam Jones

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Ride it out.  Adam is who he is, and I’m not sure that I like the use of the word “latest”.  I’ve watched the video of his ‘assault’ several times as well as following that backstage drama, and I’m increasingly convinced that Adam was along for the ride on that little reality show episode.  As Monday morning’s incident, at least he didn’t get behind the wheel himself.

Maybe the driver, (who was arrested for a DUI) was taking him home as an act of mercy because Adam was too drunk to even stand, let alone make decisions?  I’m sure that’s never happened to any NFL tailgaters…

The police report claims that Adam made disparaging comments to the police officer when they were pulled over.  So what this boils down to is Adam was celebrating what is being debated as one of the biggest win for the Bengals in more than a decade, and he has a potty mouth when he’s drunk.

Say it ain’t so.