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Roundtable: What to do with Adam Jones

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Brian Dugan

The Bengals need to sit down with Adam Jones and just level with him.  Ask him how badly he really wants to shed his “Pacman” image and remind him he is being signed to yearly contracts, and nothing long term.  Jones has made leaps and bounds to turn his life around and has become somewhat of a fan favorite in Cincinnati.

Jones has also settled down and began raising a family of his own here in the Queen City.  Jones has been no stranger to trouble since coming to the  NFL out of West Virginia University, and until he proves he can stay out of trouble for good, the “Pacman” image will continue to define his career.

Jason Marcum

I agree for Guttersnake that it’s as egregious as we’ve initially made it out to be, but the fact that he does have so many past transgressions magnifies it.

Given his arrest over the summer, combine with this citation for disorderly conduct, he needs to be sat-down for at least one game, and that could be a benefit to him in the short and long-term.

Short-term, it could actually give him a chance to get some extra rest while disciplining him for his most recent transgression, and may keep the NFL from handing down their own punishment, and given the iron fist Roger Goodell operates with, could be a 2-4 game suspension if the Bengals don’t discipline him themselves.

Long-term, it will send him a message that going forward, he has to choose who he associates himself with. His latest mishap came when he was cited for disorderly conduct after he and his friend were pulled-over and the driver had been drinking and was over the legal limit.

Those are the kind of situations he needs to distance himself from. But he’s a grown man and that’s ultimately his decision to make.

He just won’t be making as a Bengal much longer if this keeps up.

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