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Bengals at Browns: What to Watch for

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When the Browns Throw the Ball:
Hoyer has 150 career passes…54 of which came last week. With that said, Hoyer was much better than I expected last week. 321 yards, 3 TDs and a win against a playoff team from 2012 (Minnesota). However, it took him 54 passes to get there, he only completed 55% of his passes, he had a 68.5 rating and threw 3 picks.

He was also facing a defense ranked 29th overall – 28th against the pass and had just 1 sack going into the game. Suffice it to say, the Bengals 11th ranked defense (13th against the pass) and their stout DL should provide a much more difficult challenge.

However, the Bengals must get pressure on Hoyer, something that shouldn’t be a problem against a line that has allowed 14 sacks in 3 games. If they don’t, the Browns and Hoyer have the weapons in Gordon, Little, Bess and Cameron to take advantage of an injury riddled Bengals secondary.

Ultimately, with an inexperienced QB and a weak OL going up against a defense that had 51 sacks in 2012, the Bengals have a clear advantage again.
Advantage: Bengals