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Bengals at Browns: What to Watch for

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When the Bengals Run the Ball:
The Browns have a very good defense, and it starts with the run defense. Despite playing Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, the Browns are ranked 7th against the run and held Rice and Peterson to 36 and 88 yards respectively (3.26 ypc) and 1 TD combined. In week 1, the Browns held the Dolphins to just 20 yards on the ground!

The Bengals have not exactly lit the world on fire with their ground game either. In 3 games, the Bengals are ranked just 21st in rushing with 272 yards. However, what the Bengals have that the Browns other opponents did not, is 2 backs with distinctly different skill sets (BJGE and Bernard). The Bengals will try and use 2 TE sets and a decent dose of Bernard and his quickness to throw the Browns run defense.

If the Bengals cannot at least establish some sense of a run game, it could cause issues for Dalton in the passing game. I think the Bengals establish enough of a run game to keep the Browns honest.
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