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Bengals at Browns: What to Watch for

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In my recap last week, I forgot to give Marvin credit for finally having a great challenge which lead to the game turning fumble returned for a TD. Now you will see another rarity….me giving Marvin the edge in coaching! Not really because of anything Marvin has done, but more so because what Chudzinski has not done – he has only 3 games of HC experience and I was not impressed with what he did in Carolina as the OC…plus, I can’t give a guy with the name “Chud” the advantage in anything really.
Advantage: Bengals
Key to the Game:
Turnovers. Seems like a cop-out, but with the Bengals DL and weapons on offense, going against the Browns putrid OL and inexperienced QB, I believe the only way the Browns have a legitimate chance against the Bengals on Sunday is by forcing turnovers – lots of them – and either scoring on defense or giving their offense short fields to work with. Seems like an easy recipe for the Bengals, but this is a team that shot themselves in the foot in Chicago with 3 turnovers (leading to 14 points) and nearly choked away the game against GB with 4 turnovers leading to 16 GB points.

On paper, this is a lopsided matchup, but the Battle of Ohio seems to always see a competitive matchup. While I do not see a blowout, I don’t see a particularly close game either. I see Bengals shutting down the Browns “run game” and getting a lot of pressure on Hoyer and forcing him into mistakes.
Bengals 27, Browns 13

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