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Fan Survey: Is Andy Dalton the Bengals’ Quarterback of the Future?

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Dalton lacks accuracy, confidence and leadership. Also, the coaching needs some major tweaking as well. Why call the same plays over and over when they don’t work? Utilize all the talent on the offense instead of just trying to throw to AJ all the time or handing it off the BJGE when he only gets two yards if he’s lucky!”

-Lish Hill

In my opinion, Andy Dalton isn’t the QB this talented Cincinnati Bengals team needs to succeed. He’s not able to be consistent through games. He’s not comfortable and isn’t trusting enough in himself and his teammates to get rid of the ball to his talented receiving/running core. He’s shown much improvement but is not what this team needs.”

-Rusty Booker

The offensive line got their collective asses handed to them, on multiple and numerous times today. Andy is not without blame as well. He rushed some throws that didn’t need to be, and he’s got that ‘staring down’ disease that is starting to drive me nuts. He needs to work on the pump-fake, and the look-down, and then he will find guys open more often.”

-Chris Kauffman

Andy Dalton doesn’t have the head for the pro game. He was alright at TCU, but the pro’s is a far different game. He is one of the worst down-and-distant management QB’s ever. After this game, I don’t see any other choice but to sit him for at least 3-4 games.”

-Michael Moore

Maybe he needs to be benched a game so he can think about how to improve his mechanics and leadership.”

-Paul Pettit

I love Andy, but I think he needs some work. He needs to quit overthrowing the ball and start paying a little more attention on who and what is going on around him. The defense still looks solid to me, but they can’t do it all.”

-Cincy Richardson

I believe he needs to have to sit out at least the 1st quarter next week, which will allow him to reflect on what his job is. He is consistently over or under-throwing, and missing cues with his receivers. We have so many awesome targets, yet he wants to try and force it all to AJ. It appears to me as though his arm has not gotten stronger, but weaker. I like Andy, but after being a Bengals fan since the early 70’s, I want to win a Super Bowl and I picked this team to do that 3 years ago. We are one player from being an excellent team…we must do what we must do. His arm and lack of concentration is hurting the offense and wearing out our defense. A great QB makes plays, threads the needle with fast, strong throws. It is time to step up and go above and beyond …or cut our losses.”

-Gary Johnson