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2nd Edition: Is Andy Dalton the Quarterback of the Future?

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People are running their mouth about Dalton and one person says he is calling us out about Dalton. The Browns have the third ranked defense in the entire league. Dalton is ranked in the top tier of QB rankings.

People saying AJ will leave if Dalton is signed, but you are forgetting quickly what happened to Chad and Housh when they thought they could leave and be good. History shows wideouts don’t do well when leaving the QB that helped them get to where they are now. 20 years of losing and everyone is ready to give up on the guy that got us there twice.

I believe Dalton can do it with a better coordinator or better play calling.

People saying he throws to high, but he does it in practice as well because his receivers are all taller than most Dbs.

People say he over-throws the deep ball, but your coached to throw it to where your guy gets it or no one does.

Every week people are looking to blame things on one person or another. Peyton is notorious for losing in the first round of the playoffs.

People need to give this team a chance to mature and learn how to overcome obstacles.

Don’t forget the guys on the other teams are paid to play as well.

Rogers the best QB? 1-2 record.

Matt Ryan: 1-3. Record

Eli Manning: 0-4 Record

Flacco: 2-2

Mighty 49ers: 2-2

I’ll ride with my guy all the way.”

-Sam Crum