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Sporting News: Eli Manning, Matt Schaub & Andy Dalton have been cut enough slack

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The Sporting News’ Ross Tucker believes just that, and also thinks Eli Manning of the New York Giants, Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers and Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans are in the same boat as Dalton:

"Both Cincinnati and Houston have gone out of their way to surround these guys with championship-level talent and they have succeeded. Their rosters are loaded. All that is needed for these teams to achieve more is for Schaub and Dalton to take the next step in their individual performance.They have each failed miserably through the first quarter of the season. They’re going in the wrong direction. With the exception of the first half of the first game against the Chicago Bears, Dalton has not played well at all and his accuracy has been a decent amount worse than it was his first two years. Schaub has had some highly efficient moments and played really well on Sunday against the vaunted Seattle defense until he threw a critical, game-changing interception that was returned for a touchdown for the third straight game. You simply cannot and will not win that way."

In the end, Ross summed it up perfectly in saying how the QB position is still just one position on a 53-man roster, but….

"For the Bengals, Texans, Steelers, and Giants, that one is not getting it done."

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