Bengals stay quiet at NFL Trade Deadline; Additions can still be made

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To no one’s surprise, the Cincinnati Bengals were quiet at the NFL trade deadline, the typical case every year. But they’re in a different position this year that could result in them making an addition by way of free agency or the waiver wire in the coming week (s).

With a Thursday night game against the Miami Dolphins, the Bengals will have 10 days to prepare for the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC North showdown in Week 10. That gives them plenty of time to sign a free agent and get him acclimated enough to play in that game, and with the Bye Week coming in Week 12 after the Cleveland Browns game, this would be the ideal time to sign a player and get him familiar enough with the system (offense or defense) that he’s a significant player in the final stretch of the season.

Here’s a look at some players the Bengals should look at adding in the coming days or even weeks: