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ICYMI: Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 5

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On the next play, Dalton found a wide-open Jermaine Gresham for a nice gain, but it would be all for not as he had the ball stripped from his hands, leading to a fumble recovery by the Patriot defense.

The Bengals defense would hang tough heading into halftime as the Patriots were forced to kick it away as time on the clock expired.

After two quarters of play, both teams’ offenses had been relatively quiet with a score of 7-7. Dalton did have 111 yards in passing but most of that came from the 61-yard pass to Green.

The halftime show at Paul Brown Stadium featured an electric performance by the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders. They tossed out copies of their new 2013-14 calendar to some lucky Cincinnati fans.