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ICYMI: Bengals Tecmo Super Bowl Season — Week 5

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The Bengals would once again end up with a 3rd and long situation on the next drive. Going deep, Dalton had Green wide open in the end zone but overthrew him. This would force Cincinnati to punt the ball away, leaving the defense with the task of keeping the game close late.

On this drive, there were no big sacks or forced fumbles by the Bengal defense unfortunately. Once the Patriots got to around midfield, Tom Brady found the courageous Shane Vereen down the sideline after a flea flicker play for the score.

And things would go from bad to worse on the kickoff return as Tate would reaggravate his previous injury and had to be carried off the field into the Bengal locker room.

Andy Dalton and the Bengal offense were left with only 1:48 to score 10 points against New England who had been solid on defense all day long.


Following several incomplete passes thrown by Dalton, the Bengals saw their fates sealed as another Donta Hightower sack would end the game and any hopes of a perfect Tecmo Super Bowl season for Cincinnati.

The final score in Cincinnati was the Patriots 17, the Bengals 7. With the loss, Cincinnati was still left searching for their first win against Tom Brady as he moved to 5-0 all-time against the Bengals. The Patriots were led by an inspiring performance from Shane Vereen who made four receptions for 76 yards and carried the ball six times for 35 yards.

The focus of the loss was all the early turnovers, and miscues in the passing game down the stretch. Dalton never really got things going with his receivers following their first drive. The QB said he made no excuses for his poor performance but Bengal fans can’t help but wonder if his “bad” physical condition affected his play on the field.

With the loss, the Bengals fall to 4-1 on the Tecmo Super Bowl season, and see their two-game division lead cut in half thanks to a Cleveland victory over Buffalo.

Dalton and company will need to regroup as they head to Buffalo next week to take on a solid Bills squad led by  former Kentucky Wildcat Stevie Johnson.