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ICYMI: The Good, the bad and the ugly: Defense

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The Ugly

3rd Down Conversions

The Bengals failed on both sides on 3rd downs. The offense was a brutal 4-14 (28.6%) and the defense was an equally brutal 9-18 (50%). It is tough for an offense to establish any flow when they can’t stay on the field on 3rd downs and a defense giving up a 50% conversion to an offense featuring Brian Hoyer and Willis McGahee is embarrassing.

Lost Opportunity

While the Bengals are still tied at the top of the division at 2-2 with Baltimore losing, they had the opportunity to take a 1-game lead on the Ravens, a 3-game lead on the Steelers, a 2-game lead on the Browns and get a second division win.

Separation is great. Early separation is really great.

Marvin Lewis’s Record Against Backup and Rookie QBs

Over his 10 year tenure, Lewis has lost 22 times to a rookie or backup QB…or 2+ per year. Add Brian Hoyer to the list that includes: Jeff Blake, Anthony Wright, Ben Roethlisberger (2), Billy Volek, Kelly Holcomb, Bruce Gradkowski (2 – 1 as a rookie, 1 as a backup), Jay Cutler, Derek Anderson, J.P. Losman, Shaun Hill, Joe Flacco (2), Mark Sanchez (2), Seneca Wallace, T.J. Yates (2), Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, and now the elite passer Brian Hoyer.

That is embarrassing.

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