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Jumping the Snap

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Time for the latest edition of Jumping the Snap, a weekly look at the snap counts of every Bengals player from the previous week.



Running back

Tight End

Wide Receiver

Offensive Line

* At receiver, it’s still Green, Sanu and Jones getting the bulk of the snaps, and it will be interesting to see who between Jones and Sanu sees less snaps once Andrew Hawkins returns from the I.R. Recall.

* Giovani and BenJarvus continue to split snaps right down the middle, and after yesterday’s combined effort (19 for 67 from BJGE & 13 for 62 from Gio), the timeshare approach was the most effective it’s been thus far. With Gio’s critical fumble, coupled with Green-Ellis’ solid performance, expect to see the snaps continue to be distributed equally among them.

* Andy Dalton once again got every snap. With Mohamed Sanu and Josh Johnson on the roster, there’s no reason to not run at least one Wildcat QB play per game and mix it up a little. This offense simply can’t produce the way they’re playing right now, and adding a wrinkle in like that could provide a nice spark.